Monday, June 30, 2014

Trendy Triangle Frame

Triangles have become SUPER popular lately. I embraced this trend and made a trendy triangle frame!

To create my trendy triangle frame, I used Paper Accents Vinyl Adhesive. I love this stuff because it is repositionable. So, if you put it in the wrong place, you can peel it off and reposition it! To get my perfect shaped triangles, I ran my Lifestyles Craft Banner Die through my Big Shot along with my vinyl adhesive. This frame is a perfect addition to your home decor, or use it on your desk at your office!

Don't forget to check out all of the Paper Accents Adhesive Vinyl!

Here's what you'll need:
- Wooden Frame
- Acrylic Paint
- Paint Brush
- Cutting Mat
- Lifestyle Crafts Banner Die Cut
- Big Shot Die Cutting Machine
- X-acto Knife

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Give you frame a coat of paint (or leave it plain!). Run your banner die and adhesive vinyl through your Big Shot. You will need 14 triangles. If you do not have a die cutting machine, you can cut your own triangles!

Step 2: Once your paint is dry, place your first triangle on your frame. I placed mine so the edge was a little bit off of my frame. Then, line up all of your triangles side-by-side.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 on the other side of your frame.

Step 4: Flip your frame over on your cutting mat. Use your X-acto knife to trim off your excess vinyl that is hanging over the edges. That's it! Add your quote or a picture and you area ll set!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Inside Blitsy: Soccer and Tech

This week at Blitsy...

...we have two of our very own Blitsy Co-Founders speaking at Techweek Chicago 2014! We are super excited to have two of our own speaking at such an amazing event this Saturday!

....we were still pretty pumped about the World Cup (I had no idea this event went on as long as it does!). Everyone in our office is having a ton of fun watching the games and supporting their countries with actual flags and DIYed flags! GOOOOO USA!

Trash To Treasure: Plate to Decorative Mirror

I recently bought a new set of dishes and was about to toss all of my old ones, but in true Meghan fashion, I decided to save a few. I just knew I would be able to do a craft project with them!

After thinking about my plates and what I might use them for, I decided (with a little help from Viva Decor Pearl Pens!) to create a decorative mirror. I love that my mirror that would have been either tossed out, has now been given a new life!

Check out all of the Viva Decor Pearl Pens HERE

Thursday, June 26, 2014

3 Ways: Studio Calico Mister Huey's Color Mist

Studio Calico Mister Huey's Color Mist Spray Inks come in so many colors, and they are acid free! Are you a spritzer, a painter, a dropper or a masker? Explore the many ways to add color to your project! These mists are gorgeous and can be used so MANY ways!

1. Fillers and Journaling Cards by Tina from Studio Calico.

2. Butterfly Card from Laurel Lane.

3. Emboss Resist Rainbow Layout from Weekly Scrapper.

 Check out all of the Studio Calico Mister Huey's Color Mist HERE!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DIY Camera Stenciled Onesie

Giving DIY gifts is kinda my thing. Every time I am invited to a shower, I bring a gift off of the recipients registry along with some sort of DIY gift. This stenciled onesie is the perfect DIY gift to give to an expecting mother at her shower. Oh, and it is SUPER easy to make!

Onesies have definitely become way more "trendy" than they were in the past. They now have cute sayings on them along with modern patterns and prints. For my onesie, I added the ever popular camera imageI used green, orange, and yellow fabric paint since these are bright summery colors. Then, I picked three cameras from my Crafter's Workshop Picture Perfect Stencil and stenciled them right onto my onesie. Yep, it really was that easy! You could have a onesie decorating party (yes, these do exist!) and grab some modern Crafter's Workshop stencils to create your own custom designed onesies!

Here's what you'll need:
- Onesie
- Fabric paint
- Mini Paint Dauber
- Cardboard

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Cut your piece of cardboard so it fits inside of your onesie (this will help prevent any paint from seeping through to the other side of your onesie). I placed one of the larger camera stencils in the center of my onesie and painted over it. Let it dry.  Make sure you pay close attention to the edge of your stencil. You want your paint to stay on the inside.

Step 2: I chose a smaller camera and stenciled it next to my center camera. Let your paint dry.

Step 3: Finally, I stenciled another smaller camera on the other side of my center camera. After your onesie is dry, you have an adorable gift to give to a friend or family member! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

This To That: Parachute Cord Wrapped Vases

Parachute cord is super popular right now in the crafting world. People are using parachute cord to create bracelets and necklaces. Pepperell Parachute Cord is made of 100% Nylon, with a soft braided shell and an inner core. It is lightweight, quick drying, fusible, resistant to mildew and is extremely durable. Perfect for bracelets, harnesses, for tying items, and even survival situations!

Today's 'This To That' uses parachute cord in a way outside of jewelry making. Elsie from A Beautiful Mess uses her parachute cord to create adorable wrapped vases! The cord really adds a nice pop of color and texture to her jars! 

Check out the full tutorial here and get your Pepperell Parachute Cord here!

Monday, June 23, 2014

DIY Clay Statement Necklace

I am a huge fan of a statement necklace. If you don't really feel like getting dressed up, all you need to do is throw on a t-shirt and a statement necklace and you are good to go!

I created a bold statement necklace using Sculpey Clay. Now, this necklace may look like it is heavy, but it is actually super light weight! When I was rolling out my clay, I didn't create perfect circles. I made all of my clay beads irregular in shape. I thought the irregular shape added to the charm of the necklace. Sometimes it's good not to have everything matchy matchy!

Make sure you check out all of our Sculpey Clay and accessories when our sale launches!

Here's what you'll need:

- Six 10mm jump rings
- One yard of ribbon
- Jewelry pliers (or regular pliers)
- Scissors
Let's get crafty!
Step 1: Roll 5 balls of clay that measure around 1 inch in diameter.
Step 2: Roll out your clay until it is about 4mm thick. They don't have to be perfect circles. I say, the more imperfect, the better!
Step 3: Use your piercing tool to create a hole at each end of your circle. I pushed my piercing tool through each side of my clay circle. Repeat this step with all of your circles. Bake your clay at 275 degrees for 15 minutes. Let your clay cool.
Step 4: Once your clay has cooled, brush on the glaze. Let the glaze dry.
Step 5: Open your jump rings and connect all of your circles together. Then, close your jump rings.
Step 6: Grab your yard of ribbon.  Fold it in half, then cut it. Take your ribbon and fold the end of it over slightly so you have a loop.  Run the loop through your jump ring. Take your ribbon and run it through the loop you just made and pull.  This will secure your ribbon to your jump ring.  Repeat this step on the other side of your necklace. Now, just tie on your necklace and you are good to go!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Inside Blitsy: An Early Crafternoon

This week at Blitsy...

...we had a Craft Challenge! Our challenge was to incorporate the color blue into a crafty project. The winner of our Craft Challenge created a gorgeous peacock card. She added blue paper to the feathers for extra detail and color!

...we got a jump start on 4th of July crafting! Check out the festive ribbon tray made with Morex Ribbon here! We also have a Facebook Flash Giveaway going on where you could win a ton of ribbon!

...we've been working hard behind the scenes to upgrade our video quality for you. We should be able to start cranking out many more videos on our YouTube channel very soon! (Subscribe so you get them in your inbox!)

...we had our crafternoon early this month. Everyone in our office has been feeling all of the excitement of the World Cup. So, we wanted to make flags in honor of our favorite teams!

What have YOU been up to this week?

Fun With the Sun!

I think I may have just found my new craft obsession! Lumi Inkodye is pretty much the most magical craft supply EVER! Why, you ask? Because it uses the power of the sun to develop the ink! See, I told you it was magical!

Okay, so here's how Inkodye works:
You take a picture with your Smartphone, turn it into a negative (they have an app for that!), layer your fabric with Inkodye, place you negative over your ink, lay your fabric in the sun, and watch as the magic happens! 

You will see your color grow bolder and bolder as the sun works to brighten your ink! Oh, and Inkodye isn't just for photo negatives. You can place any object on your inked fabric, and the color will develop around that object. So, creativity is endless! 

To see some of the amazing projects people have done with Inkodye, check out our Lumi Inkodye Pinterest Board. Pick a project, grab your Inkodye, and make friends with the sun!

Check out the Inkodye Products here!

{All off the above projects can be found on our Lumi Inkodye Pinterest Board}

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Blitsy Project Formula: Birdie Door Sign

Welcome your guest with this DIY Birdie Door Sign! To create your door sign, pick your favorite color of paint and paint your sign. After your paint has dried, attach your felt bird to the lower left hand side of your sign. Then, add your bubble sticker behind your birdie. Next, write your message inside of your bubble! You are good to go!

Get the full project formula here, here, here and here!

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Blitsy Craft Challenge: Color Theme

Hey, Everyone! We hope all of you enjoyed our 'Blue' themed craft challenge. There was a nice variety of projects added from cards, to home decor, to jewelry. Thank you to everyone who participated in our challenge. We will have more challenges coming your way!

The winner of our 'Blue' themed Blitsy Craft Challenge was a gorgeous peacock card submitted by Artmosphere. Congratulations! Just look at all of the detail she added to her peacock. I love the tiny individual blue papers added to the tail to give it color and dimension!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DIY Cuddly Penguins

If you have a little girl, you NEED this adorable penguin kit!

Okay, so I may not be a little girl, but I could not resist this squishy stuffed penguin kit by American Girl. The best part is, the *American Girl Sew and Stuff Penguin Kit comes with everything you need to make TWO cuddly penguins! Where was this kit when I was growing up?!?

The American Girl Kits are great for young girls that want to create and are just learning how to sew. When I was about eight, my mom taught me how to sew. This skill came in handy when, as a kid, my bathing suit ripped right before my swim lessons! My grandfather was taking me to my lessons and had no idea how to sew. Good thing I did, otherwise I would have gone to swim lessons with a ripped bathing suit!

Check out all of the American Girl Kits we have right now at Blitsy!

Here's what you'll need:
- American Girl Kit Sew and Stuff Penguins (we no longer have the Penguin kit, but we
do have other American Girl Kits to choose from as well as the Sew and Stuff Birdie Kit!)
- Scissors
- Ruler

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Start with your smaller penguin. Cut a piece of white floss that is 25 inches 
long, thread it through your needle, and tie a knot at the end. Lay your white felt on 
top of your black felt, lining up the holes in both. Start sewing with the top 2 center holes. 
Then, continue up and to the right of your penguin and continue until you get to the 
end. Tie a knot at the end.

Step 2: Line up the nose of your penguin with the two holes in the top center of 
your white felt.Tie a knot at the end of your orange thread. Sew your nose to your 
penguin and tie a knot at the end. Then, sew the blue bow tie to the remaining 2 center 
holes on your penguin.

Step 3: Place your two pieces of black felt together, lining up the holes. Cut about 36 inches of blue floss, tie a knot, and begin sewing at the top hole of the arm. Continue sewing until you get close to the bottom of your penguin. Insert your penguin's feet and sew through your feet and both layers of black felt. Continue sewing around your penguin until you are to the top center. Take some of your stuffing and add it to the inside of your penguin. Be sure to leave enough stuffing for your larger penguin. Continue sewing around your penguin until it is completely sewn shut.

Step 4: Add the 2 smaller black eyes to your penguin. Also add the blue gem to the center of the bow tie. Repeat all of these steps with your larger penguin.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Father's Day Card

Yesterday was Father's Day and I hope all you were able to spoil your dads! I wanted to share the card I whipped up for my dad using some of the awesome Lifestyle Craft products!

I was extremely inspired by all of our LifeStyle Crafts goodies, that I decided to use a few of them to create a Father's Day card! I used 3 of the Lifestyle Craft Dies to create my card. I created my 'Dad' banner from the Lifestyles Strung Alphabet Dies (how cute are these?!?). I loved the dimension of the Lifestyles Gift Bow Template Die, but instead of keeping the notched out ends, I cut them so they were straight, making my bow look more like a bow tie! To showcase my photo, I used the larger Albums Made Easy Instagram Die on top of my photo.

Now, I know Father's Day has come and gone, but you can grab these awesome products NOW so you can be ahead of the game when Father's Day rolls around again next year!

Here's what you'll need:

- Card
- Die Cutting Machine
- Glue
- Twine

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Run all of your dies through your die cutting machine with your selected papers.

Step 2: Create 2 'D's' and an 'A' to spell 'Dad'. Then, separate your twine so you have just one strand. Run your twine through the holes in your letters, connecting them.

Step 3: Trim your picture and place the large Instagram frame on top of your picture. Then, create your 3D bow. I trimmed the back part of my bow so the edge was straight (I thought this made it look more like a bow tie!).  Glue your bow below your picture. Then, glue your twine to the inside of your card so your 'Dad' is above your picture. That is it!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Inside Blitsy: Changes

This week inside Blitsy...

...we changed up our video style! We shot a new vlog that gives you an actual look at products we will be selling tomorrow. We also show you some of the products in action! We hope you enjoy this change-up!

...we added a new giveaway! You are not going to want to miss the Letterpress Set giveaway! This set has everything you need to get started with letterpressing. Make sure you enter here to win!

...we added curtains to our office windows! Now, I know this doesn't sound major, but it is amazing how it changes the look of our entire workspace! I think our windows are also happy with the change. :)

...we added more desks to our space and everyone did a little desk swapping. It's nice from time-to-time to change your space up; It makes it feel like a new office. Even Jimmy found himself a new seat!

Have a Crafty Weekend!

DIY Flower Necklace

I am in love with the Mark Richards Fleurette Stickers! They are beautifully layered fabric that create an elegant embellishment. I took these lovely embellishments and added them to a necklace! 

Since we also have Multicraft Bugle Beads on sale today, I decided to pair these along with my fleurettes. I chose to use silver bugle beads (we have other colors on sale!) because I loved the shimmer they gave off. This was a fairly simple necklace to create. All you need to do, is string some bugle beads and add your fleurettes! Easy peasy!

Have you ever used an embellishment as a fashion piece? If so, what did you make?

Here's what you'll need:
- Beading Wire
- 2 Silver Foldover Cord Ends
- Chain Nose Pliers
- 4 6mm Jump Rings
- Chain
- Clasp

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Cut 5 strands of beading wire that measure 7 inches long.

Step 2: Line-up all 5 strands of your wire, place them inside 
your cord end, and use your pliers to close the ends. Then, add bugle beads to 
all 5 of your wire strands.

Step 3: You will stop string beads when you have about a half inch of wire 
left at the end of each strand. Repeat Step 2 to secure your wire strands.

Step 4: Remove the sticky backing from your flowers. Then, push the
top of your cord end through the back of your flower (use your pliers if 
needed). Repeat this with your other flower.

Step 5: Open 2 of your jump rings and place one inside of each of the loops
on your cord ends.

Step 6: Open your other two jump rings and add them to the end of 
your chain. Add your clasps to the jump rings. Then, add the other end 
of the chain to the jump rings attached to your flowers.