Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Jute Wire Word Art

Here's a way to pair jute and wire together to create your very own word art!

For my word art, I chose the word "Live". You should live everyday to the fullest, right? To create my word art, all I did was wrap jute around some jewelry wire. It took a little while to wrap, but once it was finished I had a great piece of word art! It can be displayed on a shelf or table! 

Guess what? We will have both Jute and wire on sale today at Blitsy!

Here's what you'll need:
- Wire Cutters
- Scotch Tape

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Cut your wire so it is 2 yards long. Cut a piece of jute that is 3 yards long.

Step 2: Wrap one end of your jute with tape (this will keep your jute from fraying). Trim your end so it is 1/4 inch.

Step 3: Put glue on the end of your jute and glue it to your wire.

Step 4: Begin wrapping your wire with your jute. Every third twist you do, add hot glue to your rope, gluing it to your wire. Continue wrapping until your wire is completely covered.  When you get to the end, wrap your jute with tape and trim. Then, glue it to your wire.

Step 5: To create the word "live", start by creating the curl of your capital "L".  Create a loop and go down to the bottom of your "L", creating another loop. You will move your wire over to create an "i". When you get to the top of the "i", create a loop and pinch the wire together to create your "i". Move your wire up, down, and up again to create your "v". Then, move your wire to the right, create a half circle, and then curve your wire down, forming your "e". That's it! Now you just need to decide where to display your word art!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This To That: DecoArt Ink Effects Fabric Transfer Inks

Mother's Day will be here sooner than we know it! Moms love receiving Mother's Day gifts that are from the heart. So, why not give your mom a lovely set of tea towels designed by you! Uncommon Designs shows you how to create a decorated tea towel using DecoArt Ink Effects Fabric Transfer Ink. Just pick your design and get painting! 

With DecoArt Ink Effects Fabric Transfer Inks, you can paint on paper and transfer your image to fabric. How cool is that? It can be used on any white paper or coloring book page, then ironed onto fabric. The ink absorbs into fabric for a soft, flexible and washable transfer. You could also cover one of your favorite stamps with DecoArt Ink, stamp it onto a sheet of paper, and iron the design onto a tea towel. The design possibilities really are endless with this magical ink!

Check out our wide selection of DecoArt Ink Effects at Blitsy!

What cool projects would you do with DecoArt Ink Effects?

Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY Yarn Basket

The first time I used a round loom was back in 2013 when I made a small child's hat.  The loom I used was actually part of a kit for kids. I remembered how easy the loom was to use back then, so I decided this time around to make something completely unexpected. So...I figured I would try to somehow make my woven yarn craft into an actual basket!

When I was finished adding stitches to my loom (making what initially looked like a hat) I noticed the top was curling down. I put my yarn on my table with the curled part on top and thought it actually looked like a container. In order to make my basket sturdy, I soaked it in some good old Mod Podge. The Mod Podge made it nice and firm. If you want, you could add more stitches to your basket to make it taller, or less stitches to make it smaller. Just think how cute three of these baskets clustered together would be?!

Head on over to Blitsy to check out all of the lovely colors of Red Heart Yarn we have on sale, and don't forget to grab your Boye Loom Set!

What color would you make your basket?

Here's what you'll need:
- Mod Podge
- Container
- Scissors
- Balloon

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Begin wrapping your yarn around your loom (See full instructions here). 

Step 2: You will stop wrapping your loom once you have 25 stitches. To see how to finish the end of your yarn, click here.

Step 3: Pour a generous amount of Mod Podge into your container. Put your yarn in the Mod Podge and cover it. You will want to give it a squeeze to ensure the yarn is saturated with glue.

Step 4: Blow up your balloon, making sure it is not too big (you should be able to tell how large to make it based on the size of your basket). Put your balloon inside your basket. I rolled the top of my vase down (it should roll down a bit on its own). Then, let your glue dry. Once your glue is dry, pop your balloon and enjoy your new basket!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Guest Blogger: Blitsy Dream Craft Room Giveaway Remodel

Hi My name is Angel and I was one of the winners that was chosen for the Blitsy Dream Craft Room Giveaway. I shared this win with my best crafty friend Ramona Downing in Ohio, who also got a Dream Craft Room (check hers out here). I will never forget that moment when I decided to check my emails while lunch was cooking that Christmas morning. I already had family members arriving and I open up my mail and saw the Blitsy winners were announced. To my thinking I was like, "I wonder who was the lucky girls that got this." When I opened it up and saw my name my heart about jumped out my chest and I started screaming… Everyone looked at me wondering what was my problem. I was so excited it was a dream come true that’s for sure. I could not wait to call Ramona to tell her the awesome news. She was just as shocked as I was and kinda did not believe me at first. If it was not for my family being here I think we would have had to order out as I forgot all about the lunch cooking on the stove.

I will never forget Christmas of 2013. What makes it even special is it was also my Birthday on Dec 23 its like I had a all in one. Then we got the $500.00 Blitsy gift cards to use Jan 1,2014 what a nice way to start the new year. And on Feb 14, 2014 my furniture arrived.. Talk about one happy girl  and then the work began…

I received Blitsy furniture just like on their set where they shoot their YouTube Videos. We decided not to get the paper racks like the set had but instead we got 2 tall Alex and 2 short Alex cubes from Ikea! I was in love.. Because I won this furniture My sweet Man decided to give me a new room with new hardwood floors and new fresh painted walls. Oh My I was one lucky Girl. But Oh so Much work was to be done. I had to empty out a jammed packed room. Ughh As you will see below it was so worth it.. I am still unpacking boxes here and there and adding to my room.   
   First we added beaded board to the walls and painted it with this pretty Pink

Below is a close up of each wall coming from the doorway.
Here are the tall and the short Alex I received.. Above that I have two Recollection Embellishment centers. The First one holds my Paint daubers and paints supplies , the second one holds all my sprays and stains. The Middle one my Sweet Man Made me. That holds Acrylic Paint. On top of the Alex I have two clip ups one holds all my Lalaa , Greeting farm, Prima doll and Gorjuss Girl stamps. The second one Holds My screens and mask. I also have all my distress inks which was bought through Blitsy on the white holder (again made by my one and only).

I am waiting on another Raskog cart to arrive that will take the place of the white cart you see next to the grey one.

I have all my paper packs and cardstock store on this side of the room. The small bookcase holds albums and sewing supplies.

This picture with the black Curtain is my office area. It's not quiet done as my poor man did not get to make my second shelf which will hold my Flat Screen TV and a few other things. I will have this posted to my Blog when completed so If you want to see this then keep a eye out HERE

To the right is my entrance door to the room. The basket next to the door is my dump all when I come back from shopping.. As you can see Its time to pick up the new stuff.

A few organized Items using Blitsy Products…
I used the clear bead storage that Blitsy had on sale and organized my eyelets, brads, and Sequins.

Here is what I stored in the Alex drawers this whole bottom unit is filled with punches. First 3 drawers has We R Memory Keepers box envelope (tons of WRMK at Blitsy today!) and other cutters along with my plates for my machines.

Here is my Tim Holtz and Martha Stewart Glitter ..Stored in the other Alex Drawer. This unit hold all my powered stuff Like Glitter, flock, embossing powder, mica, ect.

This unit hold all my inks and liquid media stuff along with embossing gun and stamping things.. I also Have my  Gelatos, Watercolor Pan set, and melting pot.

Here is how I store My loose Flowers.. I do have 2 more full drawers of flowers that are still in packages.. Love some flowers..

This is How I store the flowers sprays and some bling . My Sweet Man made this Peg board for me.. I love to see all the pretties hanging up.

This is how my ribbon is stored.. I also have some in a basket that I never put away yet.

I just want to say THANK YOU BLITSY for all that you did for me. It was no where in my budget to get my room as nice as you have helped me make it. You are truly a blessing to me.. I will always be grateful to you for making dreams come true! Thank you too Katy for helping us through the process and all the small chit chats. I SO LOVE BLITSY!!!!!!!

Most of all Many THANKS to my wonderful Man for helping with my dream come true .
If anyone has any questions on anything feel free to ask as I could not post everything in detail on one post.