Thursday, October 30, 2014

8 Last Minute DIY T-Shirt Halloween Costumes

Tomorrow is October 31st which means it is Halloween! Is your costume ready to go???  If you put off getting your Halloween costume ready early this year, we are here to save the day! Here are 8 Halloween costumes that all revolve around t-shirts. Yep, t-shirts. These are super clever and easy to whip up. Most of the costumes you can make with other items you probably already have. So, no excuses! Now, get going; the clock is a ticking!

1. If you have ever wished you were a contestant on The Price Is Right (I mean, who hasn't?), now is your chance to make that wish (kind of) a reality! This costume is amazing!

2. If you have a striped t-shirt in your closet along with some black pants, you basically have a Halloween costume. With these two articles of clothing, you are on your way to the easiest bank robber costume ever!

3. Are you a huge fan of sushi? If so, you can easily transform into your favorite sushi roll with a little help from a white t-shirt, paint, and some felt!

4: This Deviled Egg costume doesn't get much easier! Add some yellow paint or felt to a white t-shirt and pair it with a devil horn headband and you are Halloween ready!

5. Easiest. Costume. Ever! Needed: White t-shirt and black marker. Simple and clever! 

6. Feeling a little wild? Why not spring for this cute feline costume. Just grab a white t-shirt and some electrical tape and you are, meow, ready! 

7: This t-shirt transforms into a spooky skeleton ribcage costume with just a few snips from your scissors! 

8. Pick your favorite t-shirt, grab some name tags and jot down names on your tags for an instant identity thief costume. Add some sly sunglasses and a hat so you stay incognito!


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