Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easy and Eye-catching Wall Art

Are you in need of some serious wall art, but don't have the budget for it?

Look no further! Here is an easy and affordable project that will pop against any wall!

For this DIY project, all I did was add colorful bandanas to different sized embroidery hoops. I am kind of going nuts over the colors and patterns on the bandanas! This wall art has a very modern/vintage vibe to it. Just think, you could do an entire wall of bandana embroidery hoops or even use them as a headboard alternative!

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Have you ever incorporated a bandana into a craft project? If so, what did you create? Let us know in the comments below!

Here's what you'll need:
- Darice Wood Embroidery Hoops ( 12in , 7in, and 5in)
- 3 Darice Bandanas 
- Scissors
- Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Open your large embroidery hoop and place the inside hoop under the center of your bandana. Place your larger hoop over the bandana and tighten your hoop.

Step 2: Play with your bandanas to figure out which color and pattern you want in each hoop. For my medium hoop, I placed it in the upper right hand corner of my bandana. See the below picture.

Step 3: For my smallest hoop, I placed it off-centered of the center of my bandana (if that makes sense!). See the below picture.

Step 4: Cut off the excess bandana fabric. I cut mine down so it folded nicely over my inside hoop. If you plan it right, you could get more than one piece of artwork out of a bandana!

Step 5: Fold your excess fabric over and hot glue it to the inside of your hoop. Let your glue dry and hang your art!


  1. I have got some embroidery hoops from my Grand Mother just before she passed away and I have been trying to find a way to show case her hoops. Now I have a wonderful way to preserve her memory in the very best way. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing with us. ;)