Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Crafty Resolution #2

Here are some ideas to help make your resolution a reality:

Ways to get organized using unexpected items:

1. Organize Supplies With a Shoe Organizer
   Tip Via A Diamond in the Stuff

2. Ribbon & Sticker Storage
   Tip Via Who Is Tracy

3. Use  A Peg Board to get Organized
   Tip Via Fyne's Designs

Ways to get organized with recycled items:

1. Use paper towel and toilet paper rolls to hold pens, markers, and pencils.
Tip Via Craftionary

2. Save all of your old glass food jars and use them to store,

Tip Via You Can Call Me Gwen

3. Use an old egg tray to store beads, bobbins, and other small crafting supplies
Tip Via Better Homes and Gardens


Wait until our New Year's Day sale. Something tells me we are going to have totes, storage bins, and More to help you get organized!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Crafty Resolution #1

Here are some ideas to help make your resolution a reality:
  • Search YouTube.
  • Pick up a "How-to" book at your local bookstore or library.
  • Check out your community board to see if there are local crafty classes being taught.
  • Ask a friend or family member to teach you a crafty skill they know.
  • Buy a new crafting supply and play with it until you figure out how to use it!

New Year; New Crafty Resolutions!

The New Year is pretty much right around the corner (it's only two days away to be exact)! This BIG day usually brings resolutions. Most people vow to get healthy and go to the gym; others promise themselves to relax more to minimize stress. Once February rolls around, these resolutions are forgotten and we all go back to our old ways of overeating, sitting on the couch after work, and stressing out about every little thing.

This year, I thought it would be a nice change to focus on resolutions that all crafters can follow. I mean, we all love crafting, right? Since we all love this hobby so much, we are sure to follow through (plus, it doesn’t involve giving up potato chips and heading to the gym at 5:00 am!).

I came up with 5 Resolutions for Crafters that are worth keeping!

I will be sharing these with you each day this week. There will be 2 before New Year’s Day, 1 on New Year’s Day, and 2 after New Year’s Day.  So, you can either get a head start on your crafty resolutions, or wait until after the new year to start bettering your crafty life. 

Stay tuned for the first resolution to be posted later on today!

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? If so, do you usually keep them or give them up shortly after the New Year?

Easy DIY Felt Loop Necklace

Looking for a quick and easy necklace? Look no further!

Here is a simple DIY necklace that is make out of felt! The best part about this necklace is you can wear it two different ways.  I love when a necklace is versatile! You could cut up different colors of felt and swap them out to match any outfit!

Get the supplies to make this easy felt necklace at blitsy.com!

You could whip this little puppy up for New Year's Eve! Have you ever made an accessory to wear for NYE? If so, what did you make?

- Scissors
- Sheet of Paper
- Ruler

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Draw a rectangle on your sheet of paper that measures 2 1/2  inches long and 3/8 wide. Cut out 5 rectangles.

Step 2: Fold one end of your felt strip over and cut a small slit. Repeat this to the other side of your felt. Then, repeat this with your other pieces of felt.

Step 3: Take your felt strip and fold it in half. Then, put your chain through the slits in your felt.

Step 4: String all of your felt strips. Then, evenly space them along the center off your necklace. Add more or less loops depending on how full you want your necklace to be!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Inside Blitsy: They're Back!

This week at Blitsy we...

...had a very quiet week. We enjoyed two lovely days off spending time with our families and enjoying the holidays.

...we brought back Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! If you missed a product the first time around, now is your chance to grab it!

...we are looking forward to the new year and all of the excitement it will hopefully bring!

Have a crafty weekend!

DIY Clay and Bead Bud Vase

Did you know you can mix seed beads and clay? Well, you can!

I used Sculpey Clay to create a sweet little bud vase. To give my vase extra detail, I decided to add a clay flower (p.s. this is where the seed beads come in). I added seed beads to the center of my flower and one to each of my petals! There you have it, clay AND beads!

Grab your Sculpey Clay, seed beads, AND Mod Podge on sale now at blitsy.com!

Have you ever mixed clay and beads? If so, what did you make?

Here's what you'll need:
- Ruler
- Paint Brush
- Knife
- Spool of Thread
- Super Glue

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Roll out your clay so it is at least 7 inches long and 3 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick. Cut a rectangle that is 6 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide.

Step 2: Put the two ends of your clay together. Use your finger to smooth out the crease.

Step 3: Next, cut out a circle using the lid of your Mod Podge.

Step 4: Place your circle on the bottom of your vase. Use your fingers to smooth out the crease between the two pieces of clay.

Step 5: Roll out your clay again so it is at least 4 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick. Trace around a spool of thread to get the petals for your flower.

Step 6: Use your fingers to smooth the edges of your petals, Then, use your fingers to fold up your petals, giving them dimension.

Step 7: Press 5 petals together at their ends. Use your finger to smooth the clay.

Step 8: Roll out 5 small balls of clay. Place 4 balls of clay in the center of your flower (2 on top and 2 on the bottom).  Then, place 1 ball of clay in the center. Take your seed beads and push them into your center clay ball. Then add a bead to the center of your other 4 clay balls.  Add a bead to the bottom center of each petal. 

Step 9: Bake your clay vase and flower according to the directions on the package. Once finished, let your clay cool. Then, super glue your flower to your vase.

Step 8: Go over your entire vase (petals and all) with Mod Podge. Let your vase dry.  Once your vase is dry, you are finished! Throw a flower in your vase, set it on a mantle or shelf, and ENJOY!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

3 Ways...

There are so many projects you can do with paper doilies, Rub N' Buff, and buttons! Check out  my 3 picks below and get crafty!
3 Ways To Use Paper Doilies:

1. Paper Doily Decoupaged Bottle
    From Craftiments

2. Paper Doily Garland
    From All The Frills

3. Doily Envelopes
    From Persia Lou

Get your Paper Doilies here.

3 Ways To Use Rub N'Buff:

1. Greek Key Tray
    From Our Fifth House

2. Rub N' Buff Vase
    From Inspiration Affirmation

3. Rub N' Buff Figurines
    From The Learner Observer

Get your Rub N' Buff here.

3 Ways To Use Buttons:

1. Ombre Button Frame
    From Punk Projects

2. Home UP! Buttons House
    From More Stomach

3. Button Pillow
    From Just Crafty Enough

Get your Buttons here.

Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY Simple Bead Rings

Whenever I make necklaces I always seem to have extra beads. I hold on to these extra beads thinking I will use them, but never do. It's hard to come up with a project using all different types of beads. 

I got to thinking there HAD to be something I could do with my random beads. Then, it hit me. Why not make them into rings?!? All you need is Artistic Jewelry Wire, a couple of tools, and super glue to make a simple bead and wire ring.

Grab your random beads and jewelry wire and start making rings for everyone!

Are you are jewelry maker? If so, What type of jewelry do you make?

Here's what you'll need:
- Artistic Jewelry Wire
- Wire Cutters
- Round Nose Pliers
- Your Favorite Beads
- Super Glue
- Marker (or Ring Mandrel if you have one)

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Cut your wire 3 inches long. I cut 3. One for each of my beads.

Step 2: Wrap your wire around your marker (or ring mandrel).

Step 3: Flatten the end of one of your wires so it will fit inside of your bead. Put super glue on the end and put it inside of your bead. Then, try your ring on. You will want to trim your wire down enough so you still have wire to place inside of your bead. After you trim your wire, put glue on the end and place inside of your bead. Let your glue dry and you are finished!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Inside Blitsy: Dust & Noise

This week at Blitsy...

...we had a Twitter party hosted by Bellafind. It was so much fun! We had giveaways during the party and talked about crafty topics like our favorite holiday to craft for and where we find inspiration. Since we had so much fun, we may have do it again!

...our team celebrated the holidays by having dinner and drinks at Pequod's.  If you are a Chicago native you know this pizza is seriously amazing! 

...we started construction around our office space. We took down walls and put walls up. Stay tuned for the reveal of our office update! Ranger (one of our Blitsy dogs) did a great job supervising the workers.

Have a crafty weekend!

4 Ways to Use the Mason Frog Insert

Have you seen mason jars popping up all over Pinterest? Well, if you haven't, these adorable little jars have become popular accents at weddings and have even been used as a way to package gifts. 

A fun accessory to add to your mason jars are frog inserts. I wanted to see what ideas I could come up with using the frog inserts. I did some brainstorming. See below what I came up with!

Get your Mason jar frog inserts and other Mason jar accessories at www.blitsy.com!

Have you ever used a Mason jar for crafting? If so, what did you create?

All you need is your Mason jar, lid, Mason frog insert, and scissors (for cutting any ribbon you want to tie around your jar). 

The frog inserts nestle nicely into the Mason jar lid. The lid is screwed onto the jar along with the insert.

Here are the ideas I came up with for the Mason Frog Insert:

1. Use the grid to organize and house your toothbrushes. Tie some raffia around your jar and you are all set!

2. The frog inserts are great for storing your paint brushes. Add a ribbon and a cute little embellishment for extra detail.

3. The frog insert is perfect for storing your markers and it also helps prevent them from drying out.

4. And, of course, use the insert to display your flowers that are real or paper.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

3 Ways...

Not sure how to use a wood burner? Love the art of quilling, just not sure what to do with those tiny papers? Love how vinyl decals look, but need some ideas on how to use them? Look no further!  Here we have 3 ways to use 3 products we are currently selling on www.blitsy.com!

Have you use any of these products before? If so, what did you make?

3 Ways To Use Provo Cricut Adhesive Vinyl:

1. DIY Metallic Print Glassware
   From Sarah Hearts

2. DIY Bar Bottle Labels
   From Lovely Indeed

3. Gold Vinyl Christmas Gift Tag   
   From Lines Across

Get your Provo Cricut Adhesive Vinyl here.

3 Ways To Use Quilling Papers:

1. Homemade Paper Quilled Aqua Bubbles Jump Crescent Earrings
   From Honey's Quilling

2. Quilled Snowflake Pattern
   From All Things Paper

3. DIY Quilled Letters
   From Fresnobeehive.com

Get your Quilling Paper here.

3 Ways To Use The Walnut Hollow Wood Burner

1. Wood Burned Ornaments
   From Uncommon Designs

2. Wood Burned Dog Bowl
   From A Beautiful Mess

3. Personalized Leather Key Fob
   From On My Honor

Get your Walnut Hallow Wood Burner here.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Holiday Paper Wreath

Have you seen our studio decorated for the holidays? Well, if you haven't we decked out our studio with garland, paper ornaments, a Christmas tree, paper stockings, and a paper wreath. 

When I saw we were running wire wreath forms I knew I had to show you a quick tutorial on how to make your very own paper wreath!

You can get the wire wreath form, hot glue gun, glue sticks, wire, and wire cutters on sale right now at www.blitsy.com!

Do you make any of your holiday decorations out of paper? If so, what did you make?

Here's what you'll need:
Panacea Box Wreath Frame 10"
- Light Green Cardstock
- Dark Green Cardstock
- Metal Wire
- Wire Cutters
- Ribbon
- Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Let's Get Crafty!

Step 1:  Draw a holly leaf on a piece of paper (I did a quick Google search for a holly leaf template). Cut out your template, then trace your leaf on both your light green and dark green paper. Trace a total of 30 leaves (15 of each color). Then, cut out all of your leaves.

Step 2: Cut your wire 7 inches long. Cut 30 wires. Then, glue your wire to the back of your leaf.

Step 3: Then, put 5 leaves together, twisting the wire together at the bottom.  Do this with all of your leaves.

Step 4: Twist all of your leaf bundles onto your wire wreath form. Space them out so they overlap. Then, use your hands to lightly add a curve to your leaves. Tie a bow to the center. You are finished! Hang your wreath and enjoy!