Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We've MOVED!

We are so exited to have a new home for all of our creative content, inspirations, and news! You can now shop at Blitsy AND discover new projects, watch videos, and so much more all from one spot! Just click on the Blog tab on the right hand side of our main page. Come check out our new home and while you are there, drop us a note. We would love to hear from you!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

$500 thredUp|Blitsy Winner!

Are you ready to DIY your Fall fashion finds from thredUP? We had so much fun partnering with them for a cool $500 giveaway! It's a perfect match - $250 to spend on cool clothes from thredUP and $250 to spend on craft supplies from Blitsy! Check out the original  post to see how Meghan DIY'd her thredUP finds! 

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway. The winner of this one is... Stacey Vandergriff! Congratulations! We'll send you an email to work out the details.

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3 Ways...Spellbinders Media Mixage Collection

You can take your paper crafting one step further with Spellbinders Media Mixtage Bezels! This Media Mixtage line has become a true favorite for paper crafters, jewelry makers and mixed media artists alike and is perfect for projects of all kinds – jewelry, paper crafts, home d├ęcor, mixed media creations, art journals and fabric and adornments! I love that you can turn your paper creations into wearable art!

Here are 3 ways to use the Spellbinders Media Mixage Collection:
1: Garden Art Fairy via Spellbinders Blog

2: Personalized Key Ring via Embellished Treasures.

3: Dream Necklace via Scrap Time

Check out the Spellbinders Media Mixage Collection here!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Quick Patterned Paper Photo Mat

diy, diy paper mat, frame, scrapbook paper

I have been wanting to make my own picture mats for what feels like FOREVER! I would think about it, then forget. This is pretty typical since I am always finding inspiration around me and forgetting what I want to make happens quite frequently!

I finally decided it was time to make some patterned paper mats since I am basically obsessed with the Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Styleboard collection! All of the papers in this collection are insanely cute. I picked a couple of papers to turn into photo mats. One was a gorgeous floral pattern and the other one was a minty color with circles. I left my frames raw wood. Normally I would paint these, but I really loved the way the raw wood looked with my patterned paper.

Check out the entire Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Styleboard Collection here.

Here's what you'll need: 
Crate Paper -12"X12 Maggie Holmes Styleboard
- Picture Frame
- Xacto Knife
- Scissors
- Cutting Mat
- Marker/Pen
- Ruler

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Take out your glass (or cardboard) and trace it on the back side of your paper.

Step 2: Use your ruler to make marks an inch from the edge of your paper. 

Step 3: Connect your dots with your ruler.

Step 4: Add marks all the way around your paper.

Step 5: Cut out your mat from your paper.

Step 6: Use your Xacto knife to cut out the inside of your  paper. When you are finished, put your mat inside of your frame add a photo or quote and you are god to go!
diy, diy paper mat, frame, scrapbook paper
diy, diy paper mat, frame, scrapbook paper
diy, diy paper mat, frame, scrapbook paper

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This To That: ProMag Magnets

I remember when I was in high school decorating your locker was everything. The mirror I had in my locker was very basic. When I saw this DIY Locker Mirror from Flax and Twine I wished it had been around when I was in high school! How cute is this mirror??? I love the addition of the beads around the outside of the mirror. Check out the full tutorial and grab some ProMag Magnets to get started on your own DIY Locker Mirror!

Do you love or hate the beads around the mirror?

Monday, November 3, 2014

A DIfferent Way to Washi

washi tape, cards, diy, easy cards

How in the world did we ever manage without washi tape? I remember when I first heard about this addicting tape. It was around the time I was getting married. I was instantly hooked! I decided every DIY I project I was working on needed to be covered in washi tape. If one I my projects looked like it needed something more, I just added washi tape!

I was looking at my washi tape stash the other day and was trying to think of a quick project that was a little bit out of the box. I ended up using my washi tape as a backer to my die design.  All I did was punch out my die and then glue a strip of paper with washi tape on it to the back of my design.  My die design turned into a frame for my washi tape. It also added a subtle pattern to my card.

Make sure you check out the 3M Scotch Washi Tape and American Crafts Cardstock!

Here's what you'll need:
- Glue
- Scissors
- Die or Punch

washi tape, cards, diy, easy cards

Lets get crafty!

Step 1: Create your card using your American Crafts Cardstock. Use your die cut or punch to the lower right hand side of your card.

washi tape, cards, diy, easy cards

Step 2: Tape two pieces of washi tape (or more if your die or punch are larger) onto a piece of carstock.

washi tape, cards, diy, easy cards

Step 3: Trim down your washi tape so it will fit behind your design.

washi tape, cards, diy, easy cards'

Step 4: Glue your cardstock with your washi tape to the back of our design.

washi tape, cards, diy, easy cards
washi tape, cards, diy, easy cards
washi tape, cards, diy, easy cards
washi tape, cards, diy, easy cards
washi tape, cards, diy, easy cards

Distress Marker Winner + #blitsyhaul Winner!

Happy Monday, Blitsy Crafters!
To kick off the week on a high note we have a couple of winners to announce! First up is our Instagram #blitsyhaul winner. If you haven't heard of this monthly giveaway we do, listen up!

We want you to show us your Blitsy buys on Instagram. We're even willing to pay you $50 to do so! Here's how it works..
1. When your Blitsy order arrives at your house snap a quick pic of your goodies
2. Upload that picture to Instagram
3. Use the hashtag #blitsyhaul to tag your picture
4. You're automatically entered to win $50 to spend on your next Blitsy Craft Haul!

We usually announce the winner on Instagram on the last day of each month. We were slammed on Friday with a big Halloween party and a million other things. So, we are here to announce the October winner.

Congratulations, @sweetpeadove! Thank you for sharing your #blitsyhaul on Instagram!
Follow @BlitsyCrafts on Instagram

Last week we also had a fun Tim Holtz Distress Marker giveaway going on! Thanks to everyone who entered. We'll have another giveaway very soon (and tons in preparation for Black Friday, so definitely check in often this month!)

Congratulations to Laura E. Flowers for winning the Distress Markers! She RSVP'd for the Halloween Party we had last week on Facebook. Did any of you make that party? What did you think?

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Inside Blitsy: Meet Vera

Quick DIY Treat Packages

We recently received a box of goodies that had the Paper Accents Clear Pillow Boxes along with some Jelly Belly's and different colored Sixlets. I was super excited to fill up my boxes with candy and let my imagination run wild while decorating the outside of the sweet little packages.

The Clear Paper Accents Pillow Boxes are perfect for personalizing and matching to any theme or event. They would be a great addition to a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, or even given out as a 'Thank You'. Since the box is clear, I love that you can add candy in coordinating colors inside your box to take the design of your package one step further.

I had so much fun decorating the outside of my Paper Accents Clear Pillow Boxes. Since the boxes are clear, you can add whatever you want to the outside to decorate them. I added baker's twine, ribbon, and different paper elements. Which one is your favorite?

Check out the Paper Accents Clear Pillow Boxes, Sixlets, and Jelly Bellys when our sale launches!

Here's what you'll need:
- Paper Accents Clear Pillow Boxes
- Sixlets
- Jelly Belly's
- Paper, Embellishment, etc.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

8 Last Minute DIY T-Shirt Halloween Costumes

Tomorrow is October 31st which means it is Halloween! Is your costume ready to go???  If you put off getting your Halloween costume ready early this year, we are here to save the day! Here are 8 Halloween costumes that all revolve around t-shirts. Yep, t-shirts. These are super clever and easy to whip up. Most of the costumes you can make with other items you probably already have. So, no excuses! Now, get going; the clock is a ticking!

1. If you have ever wished you were a contestant on The Price Is Right (I mean, who hasn't?), now is your chance to make that wish (kind of) a reality! This costume is amazing!

2. If you have a striped t-shirt in your closet along with some black pants, you basically have a Halloween costume. With these two articles of clothing, you are on your way to the easiest bank robber costume ever!

3. Are you a huge fan of sushi? If so, you can easily transform into your favorite sushi roll with a little help from a white t-shirt, paint, and some felt!

4: This Deviled Egg costume doesn't get much easier! Add some yellow paint or felt to a white t-shirt and pair it with a devil horn headband and you are Halloween ready!

5. Easiest. Costume. Ever! Needed: White t-shirt and black marker. Simple and clever! 

6. Feeling a little wild? Why not spring for this cute feline costume. Just grab a white t-shirt and some electrical tape and you are, meow, ready! 

7: This t-shirt transforms into a spooky skeleton ribcage costume with just a few snips from your scissors! 

8. Pick your favorite t-shirt, grab some name tags and jot down names on your tags for an instant identity thief costume. Add some sly sunglasses and a hat so you stay incognito!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

When Blitsy and thredUP Come Together Plus a GIVEAWAY!

thredUP, upcycle, giveaway, clothing makeover

I am so excited to be teaming up with threadUP today! In case you don't know, threadUP is the easiest way to save money on great Women's and Kid's clothing brands and sell clothes for cash. They are like a consignment store, but simpler. On thredUP you can refresh your entire wardrobe online without ever leaving your house! 

When it comes to fashion, I am a huge fan of upcycling clothing. I love having the ability to turn a consignment store find into something more personal, breathing a breathe of fresh air into it. I searched thredUP's website and scored some adorable kids clothing. I got a red sweater, cream scarf and purple hat. I thought these were perfect since the chilly Fall air is upon us. The items I bought were cute plain, but I decided to take them one step further with a little DIY action! 

I took my plain, everyday red sweater and added black yoyos and crystal buttons to the collar. The sparkle addition transformed my sweater into a holiday ready top! For my hat, I added a layered felt flower, because, why not?! To jazz up my scarf, I added some super fluffy pom-poms. Pom poms make everything better!

Are you in need of a new Fall/Winter wardrobe? If so, you are in luck! We are teaming up with thredUP for an amazing giveaway including clothing AND crafting supplies! Enter the giveaway below and start jotting down ways you can create a one-of-a-kind wardrobe!
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If you want to get shopping ASAP, make sure you check out thredUP to snag some new clothing and don't forget to head on over to Blisty to grab some supplies so you can customize it!

Here's what you'll need:

Sweater Makeover:
- Sweater from thredUP
- Black Cotton Fabric
- Needle
- Black Thread
- Dill 19mm Buttons (6)
- Clover Yo-Yo Maker
- Scissors

Scarf Makeover:
- Scarf from thredUP
- Clover Pom-Pom Maker
- Coats ans Clark Red Heart Yarn
- Scissors
- Yarn Needle
- Yarn

Hat Makeover:
- Hat from thredUP
- Felt
- Hot Glue Gun and Glue
- Needle
- Thread
- Scissors

Let's get crafty!

Sweater Makeover:

Step 1: Create 6 yo-yos.

Step 2: Sew your button to the center of your yo-yo. Repeat this step with all of your yo-yos.

Step 3: Sew your yo-yo to the center of your sweater. 

Step 4: Next, sew one of your yo-yos to the end of your collar. Center your other yo-yo between your two yo-yos.  Repeat this on the other side of your sweater with your three remaining yo-yos.

thredUP, upcycle, giveaway, clothing makeover

thredUP, upcycle, giveaway, clothing makeover

Scarf Makeover:

Step 1: Make 6 pom-poms.

Step 2: Leave the two strands of yarn that you used to tie your pom-pom.  Trim any long pieces of yarn. Put one end of your yarn strand through your needle and sew to the center of one end of your scarf.

Step 3: Once through, tie a couple of knots in the back with your other piece of yarn.

Step 4: Sew a pom-pom on each side of your center pom. Repeat on the other side of your scarf with your 3 remaining poms.

thredUP, upcycle, giveaway, clothing makeover

Hat Makeover:

Step 1: Grab your felt and cut 6 circles about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Cut a felt circle that measures about 1 and 1/2 inches in diameter. Take one circle and fold it in half.

Step 2: Fold one side in toward the center.

Step 3: Flip your felt over and fold the other end of your felt in, forming a 'S' shape.

Step 4: Put a dab of hot glue on the inside of both sides of your felt petal. Repeat Steps 2-5 with your other felt circles. Put glue on the end of one petal and glue it to your smaller circle. Continue gluing petals around your smaller circle.

Step 5: Put glue on the bottom of your remaining petal and stick it in the center of your petals so it is upright. Use your hands to fluff up your other petals.

Step 6: Sew your felt flower to the side of your hat. Make sure you sew the ends down.

thredUP, upcycle, giveaway, clothing makeover

thredUP, upcycle, giveaway, clothing makeover
thredUP, upcycle, giveaway, clothing makeover

Monday, October 27, 2014

Easy Updated Canisters

martha stewart, clings, paint, home decor, updated kitchen canisters

Sometimes plain just won't do. Leave it to Martha Stewart to have a product that can totally change the look of something in just a few minutes!

The Martha Stewart Paintable Clings are so easy to use. The best part about the Paintable Clings is the design is already set for you. All you need to do is fill in the designs with your favorite paint combos. Think of it as a fancy adult coloring book. After the paint dries, it has a lovely stained glass look to it. All you do is peel the cling off of your sheet and slap it right on to your canister. It looks like you hand painted your canister! If you change your mind, you can simply remove your clings (no need to commit!). I love that you can transform your canister in minutes! No complaints here!

Check out all of the Martha Stewart Clings here and the Liquid Fill here.

Here's what you'll need:
- Martha Stewart Paintable Clings
- Martha Stewart Liquid Fill Paint

martha stewart, clings, paint, home decor, updated kitchen canisters

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Lay your glass cling on your table and begin filling in your designs with one of your glass paint fills. 

martha stewart, clings, paint, home decor, updated kitchen canisters

Step 2: Fill on the rest of your design with your other color(s). Let your paint dry.

martha stewart, clings, paint, home decor, updated kitchen canisters

Step 3: Continue filling in all of your designs. Once your glue has dried completely, peel off your cling and place it on your container. You can use multiple clings to create one-of-a-kind designs. 

martha stewart, clings, paint, home decor, updated kitchen canisters
martha stewart, clings, paint, home decor, updated kitchen canisters
martha stewart, clings, paint, home decor, updated kitchen canisters
martha stewart, clings, paint, home decor, updated kitchen canisters
martha stewart, clings, paint, home decor, updated kitchen canisters